The Worship of Walker Judson

A Novel by Janice Strubbe Wittenberg

“This story sizzles with brutal realities of suffering, characters that bleed and emote human blood and emotions and the ever-present hope for release and redemption from pain (of body and mind).”
– Gabriel Constans, author of Buddha’s Wife.


“Guiding us through their intertwining lives, the writer unveils the secrets of healing and the numerous ego traps both healers and their clients can fall prey to.”
– Laura Fine, Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing



“I liken this story to those of Kurt Vonnegut and Franz Kafka; kind of surrealistic, but never fantasy, with all kinds of intriguing characters and plot twists. This, by the way, suggests to me its adaptability for a television series. I hope you find it as engaging as I did!”

Eliza, market research

“Much of this novel’s impact comes from the voice. With this voice, the story has the ability to provoke laughter, horror, tears, and curiosity. While reading this story, I found myself, by turns, fascinated, repulsed, and ultimately saddened by this character.”  — James Webster, writer

“The Worship of Walker Judson is a phenomenal book that reflects what happens in real life, a book that will appeal to a very wide audience. Wittenberg surprised me with the beauty of her language, lyrical and highly descriptive. If you will not fall for her characters, then you won’t resist her plot, and if you aren’t going to love the plot, then her voice will seduce you.”
— Romuald Dzemo, Amazon customer
AceAllen“Written by a storyteller with odd and wonderful prose poetry in her soul.”
— Ace Allen, MD

JoanneJames“This is Great Expectations meets Angelology, Balzac’s Seraphita meets a tale as vast as Moby Dick. With it’s own unique language, Strubbe Wittenberg has created a compelling modern novel that reads like a classic. This makes for a very immediate vision and the tale more urgent.”

— J.W. James, poet & author

DeborahAllen“Healing, and our response to it, is very rarely talked about in fiction and to live in the world of those who find it their normal was a journey worth taking. I am delighted to have found this novel, and hope it becomes a “must read” for anyone interested in healing, spiritual community, the dynamics of power and love, and the written word.” –D. Allen, healer, writer, educator

About My Novel:

A Divine Read! …about a charismatic healer, gone-bad, and the adoring young acolyte who entrusts him with her life.

Walker Judson has a grand secret. He sees light that emanates from, and surrounds other folks. Soul shadows, the boy terms them. Years later, as director of The Living Light Healing Center, he meets the hunchback, Lauren Finch, and straightens her spine. She’s seduced by his charisma, becomes his devout assistant, and ultimately transforms into a powerful healer in her own right.

When all goes awry, even as Lauren’s faith is challenged, even as others abandon Walker, she remains steadfast. But how far is she willing to go to prove her devotion and what will it take for her to peel off the blinders and trust her own strengths?

And so, is Walker Judson truly a healer-gone-bad or a saintly soul whose paranormal talents are misunderstood?

Ultimately, you, the reader must decide.

Today’s news is rife with stories of physical and emotional abuse on the part of Catholic priests and Buddhist monks, and school teachers and sports coaches as well. Furthermore, cults such as the People’s Temple, at the behest of their leader, Jim Jones, require followers to commit mass suicide. Along another vein, politicians, athletes, and entertainers: Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jackson—to name a few—violate the trust of family and supporters, destroying lives in the process.

Why are tales of manipulation and abuse rampant among the powerful? Then again, why are followers so easily swayed that they cast aside common sense and discernment?

The Worship of Walker Judson explores the misuse of power and the ease with which seekers relinquish it. Psychic phenomena, cultism, mystics and madmen, the retelling of the Christ story in the context of the persecuted healer, along with the role of personal choice versus karmic destiny are issues examined in this novel, available for purchase on Amazon.


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