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Janice and her chicken


Janice grew up in the comfy town of Palo Alto, California where she’d gotten the impression that anything was possible. As a result, she held onto the notion that she just might become a decent writer. And so, after twenty-five years spent crafting it, she’s authored the novel, The Worship of Walker Judson, a story about a healer-gone-bad and a young woman who’s unquestioning faith is torn asunder.

Additionally, Janice has written the self-help health book, The Rebellious Body: Reclaim Your Life from Environmental Illness or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(Plenum Publishers, 1996), and has co-authored the forthcoming book, My Husband is Under There Somewhere, an investigation into the psycho-spiritual aspects of compulsive hoarding.

As a registered nurse, she worked over thirty years with the mentally ill, and for twenty of them performed crisis outreach for at-risk older adults. In the past, she was employed at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas and served on the founding Board of Directors of Hospice of Santa Cruz County, where she led the volunteer training program. She’s taught classes in management of chronic pain, suicide prevention, and self-directed healing from environmental illness and chronic fatigue syndrome. Additionally, she is a freelance writer with a focus on alternative medicine.

Today she lives in Aptos, California with hubby, John, her flock of ridiculously adorable chickens, two eccentric cats, and her beehives. When she has a spare minute, she believes its possible for her to become a fabulous watercolor artist.

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