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My Husband’s Under Here Somewhere: Collectors, Packrats, and Compulsive Hoarders:

“This is a wonderful book with compelling and comprehensive descriptions of people with hoarding problems, compulsive behaviors and mental illness that are veritable challenges to family, friends and others asked to intervene. The intriguing personalized stories are engrossing and clearly document the serious difficulties presented by animal hoarders and dementia cases that often involve abject squalor and usually requires coordinated public agencies acting together. The authors carefully share their experiences with the compulsive buying habits out of control. And it should provide some family members and friends of persons with hoarding problems to assist in bringing them an improved and safe life.” — John Gillette, MD.

The Worship of Walker Judson, a novel:

“The Worship of Walker Judson by Janice Strubbe Wittenberg is a phenomenal book that reflects what happens in real life, a book that will appeal to a very wide audience. Walker Judson is a gifted healer, a personality with psychic powers, running The Living Light Healing Center. When Walker heals Lauren Finch, she develops a cult for him and an unwavering faith in his skills. Contact with this powerful healer helps her to journey into the core of herself and discovers her own gifts. However, like all gifts, Walters is a curse and soon people will start noticing that something is wrong and that Walker might not be the man he claims to be. But will Lauren have the courage to face reality, to walk past her devotion for this man who changed her life?

I was drawn in immediately from the opening lines of the book, because of the way Walker is presented, self-absorbed, a man with a changed name, a new identity! And I started asking the question: What must he be running away from? Wittenberg surprised me with the beauty of her language, lyrical and highly descriptive. If you will not fall for her characters, then you wont resist her plot, and if you arent going to love the plot, then her voice will seduce you. This is what anyone needs to read for entertainment, but the issues this book raises will open the eyes of many readers.” — R. Dzemo.