The Rebellious Body


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The Rebellious Body: Reclaim Your Life From Environmental Illness or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

About the Book:

At least 3 to 5 million Americans suffer from environmental illness (EI) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), two illnesses that have been cast into a skeptical light by the medical community and the general public. Those with EI and CFS suffer not only with their illnesses, but also from isolation and from the uncertainty as to whether they’ll ever be ‘normal’ again.

The Rebellious Body is not only a guide for alleviating symptoms, but is also an invaluable tool designed to help the sufferer to make sense out of the confusing quirks of these illnesses. Additionally, this book offers many options as to what can do to alleviate symptoms in order to optimal balance between body, mind, and spirit. Ideal reading for individuals suffering from EI and CFS, it’s also for health practitioners, families and friends of sufferers, and all those who struggle with fatigue and immune-related health problems.

The Rebellious Body is an extraordinary resource that offers tangible relief from EI and CFS. If you want to make sense out of the broad spectrum of disparate information, this practical, self-help book engages you in your own recovery, and assists you in customizing healing options. You will hear the unique stories of those who have struggled with these illnesses and thereby recover a sense of hope.

As a registered nurse and health educator, Janice found herself afflicted with both illnesses, and it is her journey to find relief that led to the writing of this book, which combines personal experience and scientific research to help you:

Comment From The Library Journal:

Wittenberg is a registered nurse who maintains a private practice as a healer and teacher. Her own battle with environmental illness (EI) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) led to her exploration of these poorly understood conditions affecting millions of people. She takes a holistic approach to the causes of and treatments for EI/CFS and emphasizes the multiple causative factors of genetics, dietary regimens, environmental exposures, viruses, mental health, and lifestyle. Treatment options discussed range from traditional prescriptions for drugs to alternative therapies such as reiki. Each chapter concludes with a brief summary and endnotes. Appendixes list resources and possible excitants; a recommended reading list and glossary are also included. Written to encourage and empower those who have EI and CFS, as well as to educate health practitioners and family members, this work is a welcome addition to consumer health or alternative medicine collections where there is demand for information on EI/CFS.? Dixie Jones, Louisiana State Univ. Medical Ctr., Lib., Shreveport

Comment From the Midwest Book Review:

Those suffering from environmental illness or chronic fatigue syndrome receive a manual of self-care which tells how to identify environmental allergic reactions and how to avoid toxic and damaging substances in the environment. Chapters survey relationships between diet and immune functions and tell how to support the body’s recovery process. — Midwest Book Review

What Readers are Saying:

Very, very well written with a lot of useful and sympathetic information.–Aunt Dee Dee

It’s a very good book for readers new to the subject though and the personal stories are helpful.–Amazon Customer


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